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The best artificial turf for your garden!

Artificial grass in your garden guarantees a beautifully green turf that requires hardly any maintenance. And where can you find better artificial garden turf than at GJ Floors? Exactly: nowhere! At GJ Floors, you’ll find the largest, best and most affordable assortment you could wish for. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our extensive assortment of artificial grass and you’ll soon discover the advantages of artificial garden turf yourself!

Less maintenance with artificial garden turf!

Artificial garden turf offers a number of advantages. First of all, it takes a lot less time to maintain. Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing, trimming or weeding. So what does it require? Some cleaning now and then and a good sweeping. Just a few easy actions compared to the maintenance of a regular turf.

Artificial garden turf always looks good

The special artificial garden turf by GJ Floors has a completely life-like appearance and always looks its best. No dead spots, no weeds, just a beautifully green turf that is the envy of every passerby. This makes artificial grass the perfect choice for hard-working gardeners who have little time, but who do strive for a piece of perfection in their garden!