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Diamond | Artificial Grass


  • MaterialPolyethyleen, Polypropyleen
  • Applicationbalcony, exhibition, garden, Playground, terrace
  • Fiber Height35mm
  • Width 2.00 meter, 4.00 meter
  • Fiber Color3 colors
  • UV Warranty10
  • DensityExcellent
  • Sand beddingwith intensive use, 5-10 kilo per m²
  • PackagingPer m2

Diamond Artificial Grass; perhaps one of the most beautiful Artificial Grass solutions available. Diamond Artificial Grass is very soft and barely distinguishable from real grass. Although ... indistinguishable? The big difference, of course, Diamond Artificial Grass creates a beautiful lawn, all year round. Without mowing, fertilizing, raking or scarifying.

Our advise...
Use a pressure canvas underneath your artificial grass to protect your sub-base from damage during installation. Your lawn remains nice and flat and a pressure canvas reduces the risk for holes. In addition, it helps prevent weeds and ants from getting under the grass. Considering all the advantages, the  extra costs of a pressure canvas are a worthwhile investment.

Diamond | Artificial Grass
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  • Surface1m2
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