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Supreme | Artificial Grass


  • MaterialPolyethyleen
  • Applicationbalcony, exhibition, garden, Playground, swimming pool, terrace
  • Fiber Height41mm
  • Width 2.00 meter, 4.00 meter
  • Fiber Color4 colors
  • UV Warranty10 years
  • DensityExcellent
  • Sand beddingwith intensive use, 5-10 kilo per m²
  • PackagingPer m2

Our advise...
Use a pressure canvas underneath your artificial grass to protect your sub-base from damage during installation. Your lawn remains nice and flat and a pressure canvas reduces the risk for holes. In addition, it helps prevent weeds and ants from getting under the grass. Considering all the advantages, the  extra costs of a pressure canvas are a worthwhile investment.

Supreme | Artificial Grass
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  • length meter x width meter
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  • Surface1m2
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